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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Newbie Question #1

What are the rules/laws about posting LINKS to other websites, music, videos, (ummmm, well you know ......etc.etc.) in one's blog from the web?

I will go find a tutorial or information about posting links in blogs, but if you know something about it, will you kindly fill me in?


Kensi said...

If you're linking to another blog or website, just link to it. It's fine. you should give credit for photos, videos or quotes as you would any other essay or paper.

Laurie said...

Thanks Kensi ...for everything actually!

richard said...

I second what Kensi said. Also, it is always nice to ask people if you can borrow post their images - but it is not always possible to contact them. (I have only once successfully contacted the author of an image for his permission, which he gave). You can see my use of the image here.

Now-a-days, I try to take my own pictures. And, if I can't, then I look for those with a Creative Commons license.

Laurie said...

As I said before, just have to get my CAMERA fixed now!!!

Amazing pic, looks like she's crying icicles. And Mauriac quote, made my heart stop, for a moment.

Thanks ....

richard said...

One thing that can help you track down an image (maybe) is TinEye. You upload an image and it returns image matches. It fails on a lot of images, but it is fun to use sometimes (especially if you find a "small" image you like and wished it came in a bigger version).

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