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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bathroom Cleaning Tip

All right, all right ....Alisa politely inquired (see comment in Catch-Up Week) about the whereabouts of the promised "Who is ...?" post that was supposed to be posted last night.  Answer: Well it's ready except I've somehow LOST all the pictures of the "Who is ...?" subject!  And this particular "Who is ...?" really requires A LOT of pictures because he (clue) is SO CUTE (tantalizing teaser clue). 

Several weeks ago in preparation for this post, I asked Thing One (for new readers Thing One is my oldest son who goes to school at Virginia Tech) and Thing Two (sixteen year-old head-banger son at home) to email me their pictures of "Who is ...?" because they have some really good pic's taken of him with their phone-cameras.  They both dutifully complied.  And now I can't find them even though whenever I clean out my Email inbox (which is only every 2 months or so, but which I did 2 days ago), I always (very clever) leave all old Emails in the deleted folder in case I need to retrieve one later.  So all deleted items sit there for 2 months until the next big clean-out.  Fool proof!

Apparently not because the pictures from both boys are nowhere to be found.  So am now waiting for both Things to send them again .....heh, heh.  Can't nag about it too much either.  One Thing is in class in Blacksburg right now and the other Thing is in class in Chesapeake right now (both claimed to be studying last night)  ....really?? (eye's squinting in disbelief

Sigh.  Can't stand self-incompetence or I'm-busy-studying deception!


In the meantime, Alisa asked me if I have any bathroom cleaning tips since I announced yesterday I was zipping off to scrub toilets & things.  I thought, Me?  Cleaning tip?? No ..... but then I thought, Yes!!! I DO have a cleaning tip!

This may not be terribly original, but if you don't happen to use Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser® already, you're seriously missing out on the best thing to remove soap scum in history.  NOTHING removes soap scum except this baby.  And you must buy the "Extra Power" with the ridges:

Don't mess around with any other Magic Eraser® rendition.  This one works the best and lasts the longest.  Umm nice.  No wonder I like Mr. Clean it so much!

Oh I must add there is a serious amount of elbow-grease involved here, but I'm usually so excited so see so much soap scum going down the drain and telling myself that slim, muscular arms will be envy of all that I don't mind.  OMG!  Just realized I have First Ever Cooking Tip and First Ever Cleaning Tip posted in the same week.  Eech!  Am regressing to Domestic Goddess ....not part of the "finding my bliss" plan!!

(plan involves finding my bliss in area that pays so profusely that I, in-turn, pay maid to be domestic goddess for me)

PS--"Who is ...?" will post as soon as Things (eye-rollingly) get around to sending me their pictures again.


Andi said...

I LOVE Magic Eraser - I use it all the time! I am intrigues by who is who!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Wow, you're turning into a regular Martha Stewart! Cool! Can't WAIT to finally get this story we've been anticipating, I must say!!

Hurry up, Things!

Bossy Betty said...

Are you sure Mr. Clean is not the cute one? Any man who cleans is handsome to me!

Laura said...

ok, so this turned into a cleaning post. But, I'm sure you're not moving towards Domestic Goddess... My shower is awful so I'll give it a try...
My bliss would be to come into the money, i.e. lottery, so I could stay home and write while the maid did the cleaning for me! Sigh!!!

Delana said...

Laura, I brought these back to France with me after I went to the U.S over Christmas. We've got them here...just not the same brand. Now I just have to say...there's just a little bit of "bliss" in watching soap scum go down the drain and not having to work too hard at it. Bliss comes in many forms. However, regarding the kitchen tip. Tried it yesterday and am in the process of writing a post which includes details of my failed experiment.

Ever tried a pumice stone on the toilet. OMG...there's bliss!

that's J-O-S-H said...

When I was still in college and living in a house wiff four other peepz, my one amiga swore by the powers of the Magic Eraser. I was skeptical till she showed me how little effort it takes to get rid of stove stick and bathroom bullshit. LOVEZ IT!

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