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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catch-Up Week

I realize that on several occasions I've made reference to an upcomimg post that I plan to post .....and then don't!  So I'm introducing Catch-Up Week where I literally catch-up those seemingly, yet not really, forgotten posts.

And I have this cute idea that in my usual have-to-make-things-harder manner may stress me out a bit later because I only have the "who" and the "what" worked out so far ....but I can't resist it.  Later, sch-mater!!  Each catch-up post this week will follow the who, what, when, where, and maybe even the how format!!!! 

I know you're rather ho-hum dying to see how this plays out, so keep posted because right now I have to go clean a bathroom, but as I scrub, I will be working out "Who is ........????" to post later tonight.  Fun!

not me, but it should be

PS--Oh!  Please (always) feel free to send "post requests" whether I've alluded to it as a future post or not.  I'm always open to suggestion .....not of the "you are getting sleepy" variety ......but of the "whatever happened to ....?" or the "why don't you write about this ......?" or the "wtf ........????" or the "have you found your bliss yet?" variety.  Ok?


Andi said...

Great idea - looking forward to reading them!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Oooh, a teaser! LOVE it!! Can't wait!

Bossy Betty said...

Looking forward to all those future posts! How does that bathroom look now?

Laura aka Delicate Flower said...

Have you found your bliss yet? Cute....

Alisa Bowman said...

Yes, came back for the "who is..." post that you said you would write LAST NIGHT. Where is it???

Hey, I could use bathroom cleaning tips, especially for the dang shower. Got any?

Laurie said...

Andi: Thanks Sweetie! (See next post Bathroom Cleaning Tip)

Anything: Yes! A teaser ....I hadn't thought about that!!

BB: ONE bathroom looks great. Why can't I ever get them (3) all clean at once??

Delicate Flower: Definitely not!! But you shall be first to know :-)

Alisa: You shall be referred to as post-policwoman from this point on! (See Bathroom Cleaning Tip posted expressly for you!)

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