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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Conversation Between You & Me

What will I be doing one week from today you ask?  (you were going to ask me that right?)
I will be winging to Nashville!  Tennessee!!  For this:

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010

What's this you ask?
It's a bloggers conference.  Now I'm a little mad they stole my "bliss" idea .......

How long have I been blogging you ask? 
Three months.

They had Blissdom '09 last year you say? And Blissdom '08 the year before?
Oh.  Well then they should consider giving me a discount since they & I are obviously of like mind!


Ok, so I totally can't wait!  But I'm also somewhat intimidated.  I'm going by myself!  And I've only been doing this for a few months!!  OMG what was I thinking!!! 

Oh and btw I don't have a laptop *bombshell* I know.  I told everyone at work yesterday ...
(I have never once brought up my part-time job at a small accounting firm in Virginia Beach .....I've been saving it for a future post(s) ......I love it and work with some v-e-r-y fascinating people (hi y'all!) ......and wrapping up--get your tax stuff to your accountant NOW!!!! can thank me for this very excellent advice on April 15th) yesterday I told everyone at work about the Blissdom conference.  They all looked at me rather mystified as I prattled on about the accommodations and the fact that Harry Connick, Jr. will be singing for us Saturday night and that I'm determined not to buy one single article of new clothing for this grand adventure (my M.O. is to run out and buy expensive things right before an exciting trip) and that I don't have a laptop which is a bit like arriving at a polo tournament without your horse!  As I said--mystified.

Two days ago, I called Ex who recently bought himself a very pretty, apple-red Dell laptop ask if I could borrow his old laptop for the conference.  When I asked him he said "no" at which point I was congratulating myself for divorcing this "doesn't share well with others" person when he said ......are you ready for this? ........"I'm planning on getting you one of your own".  Really??!!  choke  He's pleased because for once, I'm speechless. 

Disclaimer: remember reconciliation is completely and totally not ever going to be a concept--I said before that I would occasionally say nice things about Ex--we're just a great divorced couple who mostly are pretty darn nice to each other.  He apparently plans to be nice about a new laptop!  We shall see.  Oh in case you're wondering too since it's now in writing on my blog if I'm using this as coercion, don't worry about that either--Ex doesn't read my blog.  Umm let's see, he's probably asked me the name of my blog fifteen times so far because he keeps forgetting  [really?]  Reconciliation?  Uh no, never.  Even if there is a laptop in my near future.

While we're on the subject, here's an update on Steve (who also never reads my blog and has no idea what it's called even though a number of his friends (hi Randy!) read it and, even, remember the name of it ......mental note: find nice man who shows a passing interest in my interests) Ok Steve update: we are not together anymore but we've talked a couple of times.  So that's good.  I don't want him out of my life for good.  I need him around for comic relief!  But as Randy recently said "Lord help the woman that loves him!!" and, I think, he was talking to me .....

Enough for today.  Tomorrow ...what's a Poken?


Andi said...

Laurie - you do NOT need a laptop at Blissdom. I have mine in my room, but never bring it into the conference. Everyone has their own MO about how they like to roll, but I think if you just sit there and listen and maybe make a few notes with the old fashion paper and pen that goes a lot farther than clacking away on the laptop or tweeting. Again, everyone does it different, but you won't be a pariah without a laptop. Also on clothes - go comfortable! One of my buds I met last year at the conference blogged about what to wear ( I wear jeans the entire weekend. I always pack something nicer and never wear it. Also I knew NO ONE last year and came away with some great friends. I didn't even know anyone's blog - so don't worry you are going to be fine! We know each other and believe me you will meet many others! I can't wait!

Laurie said...

Phew Andi! On many counts!! This is gonna be the lowest stress, most fun thing I've done in ages. Thanks for the info ...

delicate flower said...

I'm a little jealous.. I'd love to be going but finances just couldn't handle it.
Laurie, have fun and enjoy the ride. And, report back please.
As for the EX... call him and pressure him maybe he'll get in time for the trip!?

that's J-O-S-H said...

Where did you find out about a bloggy conference?! I want to go to one soooooo badly!

Laurie said...

delicate flower: Well my car decided last night to stop starting. So I just got a call from the dealer--$500 for a new starter/installation conference hotel money!! Wahh!!! So I can't really afford it either :-(

J-O-S-H: My friend Andi, "Misadventures With Andi", (check out her link in my golden blogroll--who "a certain someone else" is on too--if you haven't already) who I luckily just "found" when I started blogging is the source for All Things Blog. And I discovered this conference on her blog. She's the nicest person in the world--see first comment above--and I'm sure she would be your friend too :-)

Both of you: We should decide to attend a conference together to meet at!!!

Anonymous said...

Am jealous...maybe next year for non blogger me....don't let the car get you will always break at the least opportune time!

smacklet said...

ok, so that last anonymous post was mine.....did not know how to post...but think i figured it out.

Laurie said...

Smacklet: Yes you're right--the washing machine will be next! Ok you're on for next year!!!

Holly Ann said...

Oh i have wanted to go to one of these blogging conferences but i too, am intimidated... i would know not one single soul there... i am not good with making conversation, i am an observer... very courageous of you... please post about how it goes... and good luck... hoping you get your new laptop :-)

Thing1 said...

if you can go to this can I go to blizzcon? (google it)

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