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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Post Script

Ok well we only got 8" of snow .......but still ........that's 8" more than we usually get!  It's so beautiful.  I have no idea what you people who get snow all the time are complaining about. 


Cool, I can hear "crunching" on the street below as a car is going by all know the view off my left shoulder as I sit here typing early on a Sunday morning (see last pic in Snow!!!! post)

More Winter posts to come ....


Tracie said...

It is beautiful. But I'm ready for Spring!

Delana said...

I'm lurking....and loving it. FYI...bass players are highly overrated!

Holly Ann said...

what a beautiful picture... we are getting snow (again) right now as i type... 6" so far and I LOVE IT... and it's supposed to snow (significantly) again this weekend... :-)

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