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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cartoon Saturdays

But not the kind of cartoons you're thinking of .....Political Cartoons!! I love them. They're SO double-edged! What else can get the corners of your mouth to turn up while skewering the very society/world we're all a part of?

They can teach you things often see yourself in them.  They call attention in a very friendly format to things that need attention no matter which side you're on or how you feel about it.  "Hey," they say, "think about me!".

So I'm setting aside Saturday's for the week's best cartoons.

For now I'm sticking with Tom Toles, political cartoonist extraordinaire, who makes us laugh & think while we're reading the Washington Post:

Toles, Washington Post, 10/23/09

Toles, Washington Post,10/29/09

Toles, Washington Post,10/30/09

Toles, Washington Post, 11/4/09

Toles, Washington Post, 11/8/09

Happy it's-almost-over Saturday! (Hey, I just thought of this idea ten minutes ago ....)


Kensi said...

I love this idea!

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