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Saturday, November 7, 2009


I got so excited about adding a music element to my blog that I decided to add a favorite songs playlist over there in the left side bar! Good idea huh?

No!! Bad idea! It took nearly two whole hours to add all those nice little audio links you see under Playlist and, now, somewhere along the way, NONE of it works! Now even Joni won't play! Wah!!

**mopping up tears right now**

Ok, well please be patient. I'm working on it. I will get the music working again, hopefully sooner than later!


Isobel said...

I'm with you with computer frustrations. I just realized that I calculated percentages, not percentiles for my project. Everything that I read about doing it easily using excel doesn't work. AHHHH!
Good luck. I cold use listening to some good tunes!

Isobel said...

Hey it works!

Laurie said...

Woo hoo!!! I'm back in the music business!

Now on to important things ....

Laurie said...

Thanks for feeling my pain Isobel! Love you for that ...

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