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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Poetry Girl Sunday

One of my best friends--an amazing, amazing published poet who's taught college-level writing for twenty years--upon hearing about my newborn blog asked the most obvious glaring question, a question I hadn't dared ask myself yet ....."Are you going to put some of your poems in your blog?"

My answer was, (blank moment), then Uhh .....

I haven't mentioned it specifically, well there is a vague reference in my profile to being an aspiring writer, that whether you think I'm a good one or a bad one, whether you love, are neutral to, or can't stand poets, I am a poet. An aspiring one.

So "Poet Boy's" comment ......(I wanted to refer to him as Poet Man cause he is "da Man!" but he humbly requested Poet Boy, so Poet Boy it is) ......made me realize that an obvious point of my blogging would be to include poetry, even mine. Especially mine.

While perusing the internet last week, I stumbled upon this video on  Check it out if you have 1:50 min's: Sarah and Heather

I guess it's just a little video-slice-of-most-people-aren't-into-poetry .....?  I'm not completely sure.  But ever since I happened to watch it last week, it keeps popping into my head at regular intervels.  One of those popping-into-head moments happened when Poet Boy asked me about poetry on my blog.

So I am very familiar with the immediate-glazed-over-eyes look whenever I mention poetry or whenever I mention writing it.  In all fairness, I treat people to that same immediate-glazed look whenever they mention an intricate football play (or just any football play), or anything that has the word "budget" in it.

But I've decided poetry is an important part of "finding my bliss" which is an important part of this blog.  So, ta-da!  I introduce you to Poetry Girl Sundays, in which I am Poetry Girl for the day, and I publish some kind of a poetry-themed post every (or most every) Sunday.  Fun!

Today, since I've taken up so much of your time already, I'm keeping it short and sweet.  If you read my post from Friday night called My Mom Suit, you would surely have detected sadness, wistfulness, & melancholy.  It was a post full of those things.  I wanted to wrap it up with a "But don't worry!  It will be fine!!"-type finale but this blog is not about shying away from feelings.  It's about staring them down--good & bad, happy & sad.  (See what I mean about being a poet?)

Anyway, I'm trying to adjust to changes in my life and Friday night I wasn't adjusting too well.  A big thank-you goes out to Cecilia (real name--hope you don't mind Cecilia!) for sending my a "strong heart" on Facebook yesterday because she read my post and 1) knew I felt bad and 2) said she could relate which helped more than she can imagine.

Yesterday, I bought a box of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea.  Another friend Don (real name too!) was recently raving ridiculously about it's amazing qualities so I thought I'd better get me some.  Right there on the box it says:

"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each." -Henry David Thoreau

Now how about that?  Just the perfect seed to plant in my heart this weekend.  Don't you just love poetry?


Mama Kayla said...

Thanks for you kind words. I too have Sleepytime tea and it's nice. (when I can remember to drink it!)

Apparently, they have EXTRA Sleepytime tea as well. Who knows...I may try it out as well!

Peace and Love.

Laurie said...

I'm on the look-out for the EXTRA!

Peace & Love to you too ....

richard said...

I've always like Nighty Night Tea from Traditional Medicinals. I find it calms me without making me drowsy.

Also promotes very vivid dreams (I think it is the passion flower). Although, I should point out, my mom and sister have both said it gave them nightmares. The wife is ok with it (the tea, not my family having nightmares ;-)

Karm said...

It gave ME wicked nightmares too!

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