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Monday, November 16, 2009

"Lindsay's Waxy"

You know when you leave a comment on some blogs, or if you're ordering concert tickets, or other computer situations I can't think of at the moment--and you have to re-type the crazy made-up word or phrase they've left for you or else you can't proceed because you might be some evil computer trying to leave an evil comment or evilly purchase a ticket???

I know, it's a SPAM buster.  But lately I've noticed some of those made-up words are a riot.  (see title--yep! I got that one yesterday!)

Have decided am starting list of the best one's I get and will use them as character's names, or character's foibles, or character's sexually transmitted diseases in future as yet unwritten, not-thought-about-much-yet novel.

And, in addition, will create occasional blog feature called "Lindsay's Waxy" in honor of the first evil-computer-made-up-word-thingy that gave me the idea ....

I have already rejected several plain, dumb, or boring words or phrases.  My list will be comprised of only the most startling, odd words that possess a certain aplomb which enables them to roll off the tongue like they're totally legitimate words that have been pillars in Mr. Webster's dictionary since the first edition.

And then, too, it will be fun to comment (your job) on how best, in your opinion, it would be to use that word or phrase.  For example:

Lindsay's Waxy --could be "the name of Lindsay's new hairless lip" (vs. Lindsay's Whisker) or --"the dog breed that Lindsay created with two superb water dogs" or --maybe "The Town of Lindsay's do-it-yourself car wash"?

See?  Fun!

For this publication, I am also including a few other worthy Lindsay's Waxy "words":

Squite (a proper noun/name I presume?)

ington' klimpt (notice apostrophe!)

Leave funny comments and/or leave me some of your own favorite Lindsay's Waxy words ...we can laugh ourselves sliptVulv out of our wywoos!!!


Poetic Painter said...

I know I've come across some funny ones myself. I'm going to have to start writing them down. I love the title of your blog and the picture that goes along with it.

Laurie said...

Thank-you Poetic Painter! Your comments help ...

I am getting a bit tired of the title as I've had to type it out a lot this last month (I'm a new, only been blogging one month, blogger)and the profoundness I used to get out of it (Oh, you should read my post in October where I explain the title in "Why You Must Take Your Chance?") is waning, sort of.

As to the picture ...I've been wanting to explain this but I haven't had a chance until now.

Dear Readers, the picture at the top of my blog is way, way, way bigger than I would like it to be. I'm sure you can pick-up on my idea though: the title looks great against the blue sky and my "pose" seems to really represent where I am in my life. But OMG! I look like I'm quite impressed with myself by the sheer size of the picture!

It's just that I couldn't get it to fit right in my blog unless it is THAT size. I have a friend more blog-accomplished than I helping me to make it smaller, but so far, no luck.

Again, thanks Poetic Painter for giving me the opportunity to explain!

Anonymous said...

"You May Want to Take Your Chance?" "Feel Like Taking A Chance?" "Must" is a very large 4 letter word. It rates a large picture.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I did a post like this! Check IT out!

Laurie said...

Ok just learned ....think the "thingy" is called "Captcha Word Verification". Who knew?

Laurie said...

Anonymous: BTW thank-you! You're totally right!!! Hello?

just lost my vision momentarily "for the trees" ....

get it? "Don't see the forest, "for the trees"?

Is that how is goes?

Andi said...

I have had some totally hilarious "captcha" - that's what they are technically call, I always think I am going to take screen shots because no one will believe some of the ones I have come across! Love this idea of a best of!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Laurie.
I love this post. I've had the same idea with those silly words. Well not that creative but I always want to point them out to someone. Now I know where to come.

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