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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gorgeous Things

OMG!!!!!!  It's taken me three friggin' days to figure out how to put an audio link (music link) into my blog!  C'mon Blogger!  You could totally make it easier.  (It's super easy on WordPress .....hello?  hello???) 

But I am here to say that I have learned HTML and CSS, and how to imbed & re-write code.  And fifty-thousand other things I had to figure out, but so "just barely" that I can't express the rest intelligently.  Clearly I'm flying by the seat of my pants here.

But sit back. Click below, on Ms. Joni Mitchell's link, "Both Sides Now", while I extol on gorgeous things ....

Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now

Music.  It's a huge part of my life.  I have very eclectic musical tastes--the most recent concerts I've attended have been Mark Cohn (in May), Elvin Bishop (in June), Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, & John Mellencamp (in July),  The Psychodelic Furs and Thievery Corporation (both in October).  That covers blues, folk, pop, rock, punk, & world, socially-conscious music.  Every concert has "done" something good to me--and I am grateful.

Gorgeous Thing #1 - this song.  Don't ask me why I picked it out of all the songs I could have picked for my first official blog song.  Except that it is just plain gorgeous.  It is at once ......sad & wise .......hopeful & unhopeful. Deep and fresh and measured. Introspective and naive.

Maybe "gorgeous" means emotions and memories thrust upon you in all kinds of unexpected combinations?  Emotions that despite their oddball combos, you can relate to .....maybe because of their oddball combinations?  Maybe life is just odd?  Maybe life is always gorgeous if you know which side to be on .....

Gorgeous Thing #2 - dear Steve is playing at Yoshi's--world -class musician boyfriend is playing at the incomparable "Yoshi's" in Oakland, CA  tonight.  His idols have played there.  He's taken me to experience his (mostly jazz) idols playing there.  It ain't easy to get booked at Yoshi's.  And for the first time in his already amazing professional career, he's playing bass like a mad-man, as I write, at Yoshi's.  I'm so proud of him ....

Gorgeous Thing #3  - I'm breathing in & out. I'm not in pain.  I have amazing people surrounding me.  And everything I love is sleeping peacefully or playing bad-ass bass tonight!

The complete truth is that I'm pretty stresssed-out these days.  But what, really, do I have to complain about? 

It will be all right ........

I figured out how to put music on my blog.


"Well, something's lost, but something's gained, living every day ...."


Boomer Pie said...

I like how you did this. I spent hours figuring out how to put a music play list on my blog. Finally, after I had everything in place, I tried it out. It took up too much room and it just seemed too I removed it. But then, I'm one of those lunkheads that can't walk and chew gum at the same time. You chose a great song for your first attempt!

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