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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cartoon Saturday #7

Woo-hoo!  Cartoon Saturday is when I get to showcase (and I'm completely unbiased)(*wink*) mostly-visual-opinions (cartoons!) on what's happening in the world.  I personally think political cartoonists are geniuses and I totally wish I was one--except I'm not.  So I'm happily content with perusing thousands (ok, millions) of political cartoons every week to bring you the cream of the crop. 

PS--don't laugh too much, er, more realistically perhaps, don't get too depressed!


In no particular order (cuz I'm too tired to fuss with it) ........and the captions in italics are by me this time.

My regular readers know I never miss an opportunity to bash the P-monster

Cuz I would say Bill Maher too ....although Conan's a close second
Friday night's at 10 PM on HBO

i KNEW we were neanderthals

Here's to ineptness!

No ....after YOU

See?  P-monster provides never-ending laughs
(Really? Cuz I'm not laughing)

Whose on first?

to worser ......

Thank-you for letting me become a U.S. citizen
while you were being distracted about walls or some such,
to keep out those pesky, fruit-picking Mexicans!

Ok then, can we get 'sane' if we say 'insane'?

Wait ...come back!  No ...let me catch-up.  No .....just wait! 


Twain12 said...

those are great

Helen Bushnell said...

This is my favorite part of your blog, although today's are more sad than funny.

Andi said...

Great selections as usual!

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