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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking Chances

Ok I can't elaborate (unfortunately) but I took a chance today.  Not a giant one.  But one that kept me up half the night last night and made me pick at my breakfast instead of wolfing it down (like usual) this morning. 

My Facebook friends will be bored since I posted this on Facebook earlier today, but considering my angst about the chance I took, it seemed like a little gift when I received this quote in the form of a Tweet this morning--it totally helped me get through my "chance".  Sorry for redundancy Facebook friends.

Readers, meet Mr. Chris Brogan, the total guru and man's man of social media ......Chris Brogan on Twitter

PS--and I am a leader.  That I do know.


Chris Brogan said...

I'm so glad you took your chance. That's what matters. Life is make up of moments like the ones you just took. : )

Laurie said...

Thanks Chris! Please see my latest post, aptly titled, "Chris Brogan" ...

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