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Friday, May 21, 2010

Chris Brogan

(this post first started out as a follow-up comment to yesterday's post, "Taking Chances", but it was becoming the longest comment in history so it became today's post)


Ummm people!!  Mr. Chris Brogan just COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!!!!!!

Ok normally when I quote someone or post their link I am extremely careful to, first, ask their permission.  But frankly Chris gets 10,000 emails a day.  No, here's a better way to illustrate for those of you who don't know him (although many of you do, obviously)--Chris has 137,487 followers on Twitter--to my 35.

Needless to say he's rather a rock-star in social media and my measly attempt to ask his permission would have fallen through the proverbial crack.  I thought.  To be honest, I didn't even think about contacting him.  I simply credited him.

So an hour ago when I realized  he had commented on "Taking Chances" in which I post his quote, I actually panicked!  I thought the Chris Brogan Machine must have somehow picked up my blog in search engine fashion and his "comment" was going to be a computer form letter demanding I retract my post until I received his formal permission to post it!!!

(I sound a little paranoid I admit, but remember, I have Blogger breathing down my neck like a scary monster over that one post about Steve in which they 1) won't tell me what it is they're freaking out over and 2) have it in "post jail", won't allow me to post it, until I fix the unknown "it"!!) (So ha ha Blogger!  I'm getting back at you by badmouthing you to Chris Brogan!!!)

I've heard from everyone who knows or has met Chris, how incredibly nice he is.  But to my ears it was kinda like telling me how nice Barack Obama is know?  Of course he's nice!  It's his job.  Er, one of them.

But now I know (if you haven't yet, go read his comment to me in "Taking Chances").  Chris, you really ARE nice!  I didn't even thank-you in my post cuz it didn't occur to me that you would actually read it.  So let me take this opportunity to thank-you.  I have learned a great deal from you.  You tweet more than anyone of the 16 I follow (ok! so I'm still a little tweetie newbie!!) and I don't read every single one of your tweets, but let me say, I read most and you are unfailingly positive and helpful and you manage to reach out to so many people in a very, very constructive way.  You are an inspiration.  And that is why I follow you.

And now, particularly, I think you're the bomb!


Check-out Chris's website: Chris Brogan--Community and Social Media

Follow Chris on Twitter (read in sing-song voice ....."you can be number 137,488 ....."): Chris Brogan on Twitter

Buy Chris's books: Social Media 101 and Trust Agents--co-authored with Julien Smith

PS--Chris garnered 11 more followers on Twitter in the one hour it took me to write this post.


Chris Brogan said...

You don't have to thank me. I'm just a human, like you. I pay someone to put my pants on one leg at a time. : )

My mission on the planet? Giving you some of the seeds (or the fertilizer) to get your garden growing well enough to feed yourself.

Seems fair, right?

Alisa Bowman said...

Yeah, of course he came and commented. You hot great happening thing. How could he not?

Take that chance!

Laurie said...

Ha ha Alisa ............oh yeah. Duh!

Andi said...

Congrats Laurie that is mega cool!

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